Jazz: Pianistas- 5

Horace Parlan
Speakin' My Piece

1 Wadin' Parlan

2 Borderline Turrentine

3 Up in Cynthia's Room Parlan

4 Rastus Turrentine

5 Oh So Blue Mitchell

6 Speakin' My Piece Parlan

Al Harewood Drums
Horace Parlan Piano
George Tucker Bass
Stanley Turrentine Sax (Tenor)
Tommy Turrentine Trumpet

Tete Montoliu
The man from Barcelona


Concerto de Aranjuez Rodrigo 4:03 
Stella by Starlight Washington, Young 7:17 
Easy Living Rainger, Robin 6:35 
Autumn Leaves Kosma, Mercer, Prevert 6:00 
For You My Love Gayten 5:08 
Tune-Up Davis 5:02 
7 I Fall in Love Too Easily Cahn, Styne 7:28 
Django Lewis 5:48 
When Lights Are Low Carter 5:52 
10 Please I Like to Be Gentle Tete Montoliu 4:13 
11 A Night in Tunisia Gillespie, Paparelli 5:56


Tete Montoliu - Piano 
George Mraz - Bass 
Lewis Nash - Drums

Ahmad Jamal
I Remember Duke, Hoagy & Strayhorn



1 My Flower Jamal 2:33
2 I Got It Bad Carmichael, Ellington 5:08
3 In a Sentimental Mood Ellington, Kurtz, Mills 9:21
4 Ruby Roemheld 5:57
5 Don't You Know I Care (Or Don't You Care to Know) David, Ellington 4:45
6 Prelude to a Kiss Ellington, Gordon, Mills 4:22
7 Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me Ellington, Russell 5:53
8 Chelsea Bridge Strayhorn 4:41
9 I Remember Hoagy Jamal 4:30
10 Skylark Carmichael, Mercer 4:36
11 Never Let Me Go Evans, Livingston 4:35
12 Goodbye Cowell, Gibson, Jacobs, Jenkins… 6:08


Ahmad Jamal Piano
Ephriam Wolfolk Bass
Arti Dixson Drummer


Horace Silver
Live at Newport '58

1 Introduction by Willis Connover Silver 0:44

2 Tippin' Silver 13:10

3 The Outlaw Silver 11:47

4 Señor Blues Silver 8:42

5 Cool Eyes Silver 10:21

Junior Cook Sax (Tenor)
Louis Hayes Drums
Horace Silver Composer, Piano
Louis Smith Trumpet
Gene Taylor Bass


Jazz: Pianistas- 5