Fez Gog – Updates [actualizable] [2013]

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Fez GOG – Updates (Actualizable)

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Historial de actualizaciones

Version 1.09
- Music streaming thread uses much less CPU time, should drop CPU usage by 50% on most systems
- Added brightness control in video options
- Fixed that secret passages would lead to the wrong destination door in some circumstances
- Removed the "Start New Game" option from the pause menu upon user request, you can still start a new game form the "Save Management" menu by clearing your current save slot
- Fixed a crash that occured when using the "flying" code during a warpgate transition
- First-person view mouselook fixed to be able to scroll endlessly instead of being constrained to screen size
- Gomez looks the right way when looking around with mouse drag
- Back, Jump and Start keys now exit first-person view
- Fixed that the credits would jump forwards in 720p and 1080p since 1.08
- Fixed that the sky clouds would randomly appear too dark since 1.08
- Fixed that the "Talk/Back" button would stop working after exiting the Steam overlay
- Added an "Achievements" menu option for the Steam build
- An error dialog with details and suggestions will pop up instead of silently exiting when an error related to framebuffer objects happens at load time
- An error message will pop-up if XInput DLL is missing due to bad install of redistributables
- Miscellaneous CPU-wise optimizations
- Fixed and tweaked leaderboard navigation
- Clicking on a leaderboard entry will open the Steam overlay to that user's page

Version 1.08
- FEZ Launch Options UI (FEZ_LaunchOptions.exe) allows you to toggle non-ingame options for troubleshooting
- Added a –no-lighting launch options (accessible with the tool) which disables the lighting pre-pass, and can make the game run smoother on older GPUs
- The game now backs up your save file when finishing a playthrough to the "SaveSlotN_Ending", in case you want to recover it (e.g. if you nuke your progress by choosing Start New Game instead of New Game+!)
- 5.1 audio is now supported, in that everything will play from the front speakers; positional audio in general was balanced and tweaked as well
- Tentative fix for Framebuffer Object errors on Intel and AMD hardware
- Invert look options is now disabled by default, and renamed from "invert mouse" to "invert look" since it affects keyboard and gamepad controls as well
- Fixed the long-jump exploit that used the turn-around animation
- Fixed visual glitch when entering a door right after jumping
- Secret codes can no longer be input during level transitions, which could cause issues
- When "New Game+" is available, choosing "Start New Game" instead will now trigger a warning
- No more OpenGL background context for threaded loading, should resolve the issues that needed the –singlethreaded flag to resolve (long load times). Note that the game now performs much better with VSync set to "Application Controlled" instead of forced On
- Engine no longer soft-limits to ~58fps, no longer needs –force-60hz to hit 60fps (though the flag still results in the smoothest experience)
- Support for 120hz and other refresh rates (logic still runs at 60fps, but game will draw at whatever VSync instructs it to)
- Fixed that faraway places would show up on top of water in some circumstances
- Fixed the NullReferenceException in draw calls during loading (the Starfield bug), which more often than not resulting in a crash after choosing "Continue Game"
- Fixed that geysers tiling would break up at the top
- Credits now align correctly in 1080p
- Fixed threading-related hitch/framedrop when rotating on slower CPUs
- Fixed OpenTK crash if the driver reports a resolution with no bits-per-pixel information
- Fixed a bug where entering both codes in the telescope rooms would only spawn one cube. Please note that the fix prevents the problem from happening in the future, but save files affected by the problem cannot be fixed without manual intervention (i.e. save file hacking). Sorry for the inconvenience.
- Controls screen no longer lets you remap two actions on the same key
- Menus and intro react appropriately to remapped "escape" and "enter" keys
- UI keyboard mappings that used to be forced are now remappable via the settings file
- Fixed crash in main menu after loading save file related to leaderboards handling

Version 1.07
- Fixed a shader link error on Radeon X1300
- Holding left and right rotation buttons will not make the totem level glitch out anymore
- Removed stray trile in the zu library level
- Added command line toggle for disabling steamworks : –no-steamworks
- Fixed that the "continue game" button would be grayed out if game saved in gomez's house
- Fixed rare bug related to the audio system
- Fixed occasional texture repeating in the "zoom in" start new game sequence
- Fixed crash in puzzle rooms when stacking 4 crates on top of each other
- Fixed z-fighting in first person view on some hardware
- Fixed wrong cube model showing up in inventory in a late-game level
- Fixed warp gate viewport shows up always-on-top when seen in stereoscopic view
- Added invert mouse option in settings file
- Tentatively fixed audio device detection
- Tentatively fixed animated sprites border clamping issue when anisotropic filtering is forced
- Very tentatively fixed 5.1 audio redirect to 2 channels

Version 1.06
- Fixed stuck doors for the weightswitch, owl and waterfall puzzle doors
- Fixed that the New Game+ state would get cleared after exiting the game without starting a New Game+
- Fixed bug where the save selection would show the red save icon but not progress to the main menu
- Fixed bug related to music streaming and threading lock usage
- Added CLI flag to address threaded content loading issues : –singlethreaded
- Fixed stuck dot dialog when getting hurt by a bomb while she's talking
- Added back the missing falling "text" during the hexahedron encounter cutscene
- Added error messages for unsupported Intel driver versions
- When setting an unsupported resolution, the game now falls back to the current/native one
- Tentative fix for bugs related to not-a-number floating point errors in the camera math
- Default menu highlight is on Start New Game+ when it's available, to reduce accidental save file clearing
- Added a controller vibration toggle in game options
- Fixed rare bug related to the tuning fork puzzles
- Fixed bug where the application data directory is written to before being created

Version 1.05
- Fixed the "Error initializing audio subsystem" error
- Fixed the bug where "Continue Game" is greyed out when reloading a valid save game
- Fixed that map icons did not show up on Intel HD Graphics chips
- Running the game "As Administator" should not necessary anymore
- Fixed random crash bug when loading between levels
- Tentative fix for transitioning to levels in the background while using endgame feature
- Game now checks for available disc space on start (200Mb required)
- Added CLI flag to disable joystick support : –no-gamepad
- Added CLI flag to assume/force 60fps : –force-60hz (this is equivalent to the MonoGame DLL hack that's been going around) 
- Added CLI flag for debug tracing : –trace (please use this when reporting crashes)
- Fixed sprite alignment of corner ledge animations
- Final cutscene will play even if you glitched your way to more than 64 cubes
- Added tentative support for retroactive or glitched/non-unlocked achievements (Steam)
- Fixed cloning/duplicate/infinite anti-cube glitch
- Game should not force a resolution that is not supported by the display device on first run
- Added slightly broader support for Intel HD cards with outdated drivers
- NOTE : The "Debug Log.txt" file is now located in %APPDATA%FEZ, the one in the FEZ directory is stale and won't be written to

Version 1.04
- Tentative fix for missing world map icons on Intel HD Graphics 3000 and 4000 cards
- Added experimental CLI flag for variable timestep (–variable-time-step), may break game physics, try at your own risk!
- Fixed possible crash during loading screens
- Fixed window scaling problem when using higher Windows DPI settings
- Fixed leaderboard crash with unmapped characters in usernames
- Game no longer forces 1280×720 resolution on first run if it's not supported
- Sound effect volume setting now applied when starting game
- Fixed possible crash with music buffering
- Fixed problem where doors would remain closed forever after exiting or crashing out of a level
- Tentative fix for invisible pages in tome
- Number of anti-cubes now capped at 32, if you somehow manage to find 33!

Version 1.03
- Fixed crash-on-load errors for systems with Turkish regional settings
- Fixed possible crash when accessing video settings
- Fixed wrong letterboxing when going fullscreen with some 16:9 resolutions

Version 1.02
- Fixed memory leak for OpenAL buffers and sources
- Fixed music-related crash in all puzzle rooms with the "Knowledge" music track
- Fixed "invalid entry point" error when changing resolution or exiting the game with older OpenGL GPUs

Version 1.01
- Fixed random crash issue when starting a new game

Version 1.0
- Initial release

Parche equiv. v1.10

Changelog de esta versión

Version 1.10
- Fix issue with Gomez being launched in the air in the connective rails industrial level
- Removed stray collision tile in bell tower level
- Added launch option for the game not to pause when exiting focus state
- Fix issues with disabling Steamworks via the launch option (since 1.09)
- Fix for issue with brightness control and the CMY cave (since 1.09)
- Fixed intermittent hang while loading the final cutscene (since 1.09)

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Fez GOG – Updates (Actualizable)